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Vitamin & Mineral Skin Care for Beautiful Clear Skin

Clearglo has created naturally based products with scientifically proven vitamins and minerals.  We offer an Extra Strength Vitamin C serum, Vitamin A-B-C-E creams, microdermabrasion paste and other natural products to miraculously transform the look of your skin. Where Nature and Science come together. 

Clearglo products are rich in Vitamin C Clearglo will give your skin a healthy appearance
Firming and hydrating ingredients Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines
Safe, active and naturally based ingredients Brightens your skin for a radiant glow

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"I am not getting pimples and acne anymore after using Matte Mineral Moisturiser, Microdermabrasion glopaste and Skin Repair Mineral Mask. I can't believe it, the first time in years" - Allison Kearney

"My skin is getting smoother and healthier, my freckles have faded and my fine lines have gone.  These products are the best I have used" - Tracey Arnell

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We have researched our ingredients for 15 years and we do not use any ingredients that may be unsafe for your skin. NO perfume, NO parabens, NO propylene glycol, NO silicones, NO DEA, NO artificial colours, NO mineral oils, NO pesticides, NO PEGs, and NO sodium lauryl sulphate. 

Here are some of the amazing active ingredients we use in our skin care range and why they are good for the skin:

  • Our ascorbic acid is a NEW stable Vitamin C serum that has a small molecular weight to penetrate your skin cells.  Vitamin C serum is the best anti-ageing ingredient that you can apply to your skin.  Vitamin C serum will lighten, brighten and help the appearance of aged skin, fine lines and elasticity.
  • Kakadu plum has a high content of Vitamin C, possibly the highest of all fruits.  Kakadu plum is in our Vitamin C serum.
  • Vitamins A-B-C-E are great anti-ageing ingredients for your skin, our moisturisers include all these vitamins plus more.
  • Rose hip seed oil is natural Vitamin A and Vitamin C serum for the face.  Natural Retinol and Vitamin C oil for the face will reverse the look of aged skin.
  • Aloe Vera leaf juice is an amazing natural skin care ingredient that contains vitamins A-C-E and amino acids for healthy skin.  We use Aloe vera in our Matte Mineral Moisturiser for oily skin and Clear Moisture for dehydrated skin.
  • Oat Protein is the best protein for oily skin, we use this to make a soothing cream for the face that stops excess oil.
  • Microdermabrasion glopaste is a microdermabrasion treatment that is gentle enough to use at home.

Vitamin C serums for the face are an essential part of any skin care routine to reduce the signs of ageing and for a healthy clear skin.  It is recommended to start using Vitamin C products in your mid 20's to prevent premature ageing.  Clearglo C Vitamin and Mineral Skin Care promises to deliver beautiful clear skin.

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