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About Clearglo

Vitamin C Creams, Vitamin C Serums and Micro- dermabrasion glopaste for beautiful clear skin.

Clearglo is a 100% Australian-owned Skin Care range, proud to offer professional skin care products based on Natural ingredients, Vitamin C and other beneficial vitamins and minerals.  Clearglo skin care products successfully correct common skin concerns to achieve healthy clear skin.

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We are recommended by professional skin care therapists and sold in professional beauty salons and skin care clinics.


Clearglo was founded by Julianne Gardiner a qualified beauty therapy teacher / therapist / salon owner with a special interest and knowledge of skin care ingredients, skin types and skin conditions. Julianne, with help from experienced cosmetic chemists created a skin care range driven by skin health and safe ingredients, education, and research.

We developed products with highly active ingredients, and ingredients that are backed with years of scientific research and  results. Our key ingredients are what make our products so effective.  Our products are designed to improve the health of your skin using natural safe ingredients, Vitamin C, and Vitamins and Minerals.

Vitamin C Skin Care Products for beautiful clear skin.

Free radical damage, which causes our skin to age prematurely, is accumulated over a lifetime from the harmful effects of our environment, stress, UV rays, and pollutants. The obvious, once-irreversible signs of aging, such as roughness, pigmentation, dryness, and wrinkles, can be combated by anti-oxidants to neutralise oxygen and free radicals.

Ascorbic acid and other natural forms of Vitamin C have years of scientific backing as anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredients for skin care. Used at the right percentage and the right formulation, Vitamin C serums and Vitamin C creams can give dramatic results to all skins.

Getting the right Vitamin C Serum:  Ascorbic Acid.

We have researched the different types of Vitamin C and found that ethyl ascorbic acid is a new form of Vitamin C that is extremely stable and has a small molecular size, enhancing penetration.  We use ethyl ascorbic acid in our Extra Strength Vitamin C Serum Formula.

Clearglo C Extra Strength Vitamin C Formula is a powerful extra strength 17% ethyl ascorbic acid treatment and also incorporates Kakadu plum extract (which is possibly the fruit with the highest Vitamin C content – 100 times that of oranges!). This is a powerful vitamin c serum; it will brighten, lighten and even the appearance of your skin with results showing within just 6 to 8 weeks.

Professional beauty wholesale of quality skin care products.

Clearglo Vitamin & Mineral Skin Care understands that knowledgeable skin care therapists look to see what ingredients are in each product and how each skin care product can help their clients achieve results.

We strive to build relationships and nurture our beauty wholesale salon clients so customers can enter their salon of choice and know that our brand is trusted by the people that they trust with their skin care. The only place you can order our products online is at our own store on this site.
Clearglo- naturally based and safe ingredients for beautiful clear skin.