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Clearglo Anti-Aging Skin Care Pack
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Clearglo Anti-Aging Skin Care Pack

Clearglo Anti-Aging Skin Care Pack
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A powerful Vitamin C formula with over 22% Vitamin C.  This treatment together with a good skin care routine will visibly lighten and brighten the appearance of Sun spots,  wrinkles and dull aging skin

Pack Contains:

1 x Clearglo light cream cleanser
1 x ABCE Wrinkle Smoother
1 x Microdermabrasion glopaste
1 x ABCE Vitamin & Mineral Youth Cream

"It has a great texture: leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soft. Was really handy as you can use it instantly with or without water. The pump bottle is great to use and easy to pack away too!

I was with a friend on the weekend; she used both of my products (the Cleanser and the Matte Mineral Moisturiser<) and said she must start getting onto professional skin care as her skin felt "great! "

Tracey Wilkinson

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