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Clearglo Light Cream Cleanser
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Clearglo Light Cream Cleanser

Clearglo Light Cream Cleanser
Price: AUD $36.00
A necessity for any skin care routine, from dry to normal to oily skin. Wash away impurities, grime, dirt and makeup while leaving your skin fresh and pure.

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Clearglo cleanser is a unique low foaming light cream cleanser. 

The hydrating cream relaxes the skin while the low-foaming cleanser removes dirt and grime.  Cleans deep into the pores without stripping the skins PH.  Helps skin appear healthy and clear!  All skin types can use this cleanser, try it today, you will love it!


"I have been using Clearglo Matte Mineral Moisturiser for just over a month now. I have noticed that it has really helped minimise the shine on my “T” zone, yet still gives me the moisture needed in the other areas of my face. I find that I only need to use a small amount as it spreads easily & is well absorbed. It also has a very pleasant yet mild scent that doesn’t linger after application. I will definitely continue to use this product as my skin can be sensitive to some products & this one is very mild yet effective. "

Janice Hill (Janice converted to Clearglo from Dermalogica)

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