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Clearglo Oily Skin Pack
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Clearglo Oily Skin Pack

Clearglo Oily Skin Pack
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This Oily skin pack will impress you, there are not many products on the market for oil skin that actually soak up the excess oil.  Our oats in our Matte Mineral moisturiser will soak up the excess oil on your skin while the aloe vera hydrates your skin.  A matte finish but with hydration.  Our Microdermabrasion exfoliation will smooth away dead uneven skin cell for a fresher, beautiful glowing appearance.  Package includes a cleanser to clean your skin without stripping.!

This skin pack contains:

1 x Clearglo Light Cream Cleanser
1 x Microdermabrasion glopaste
1 x Matte Mineral Moisturiser

"I use matte mineral moisturiser during the day, since I started using this product I don’t need to use powder anymore which is good because powder isn’t good and it is drying on my skin.  I use ABCE Youth cream at night and I wake up with soft clear skin "

Tracey Arnell

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