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Clearglo Sensitive Skin Pack
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Clearglo Sensitive Skin Pack

Clearglo Sensitive Skin Pack
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Less is best with sensitive skin until you can build it up with beneficial natural healing ingredients.  Rose hip oil is high in amino acids and vitamins for keeping the skin healthy and strong.  Natural Miracle Mask is healing to keep the skin looking strong and to reduce redness.

This skin pack contains:

1 x Clearglo light cream Cleanser
1 x Natural Retinol & Vitamin C oil - Rose hip seed oil
1 x Natural Miracle Mask

1 x Red Remedy Cream


"Great texture. When I first put it over my face, I enjoyed it as it feels like a semi- weight moisturiser, and leaves no unwanted residue afterwards. It soaks into skin quite quickly and is great underneath a foundation! I wear a full face of makeup and in no way did I feel oily throughout the day!

You only need a small amount of moisturiser, as it spreads wonderfully over the face and neck area. The smell is fresh and natural.

My skin, particularly around the chin area, experienced reduced redness and I felt less likely to touch imperfections, as they were smaller and less noticeable. I am having no large blind pimples either! Woo hoo! "

Carley Hickman

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