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Skin Care Information and Advice

How to maintain your Vitamin D levels safely

Friday, January 10, 2014

Summer is well and truly here; and so are the sleepless nights. Trying to sleep while it’s still 27◦c and you have serve sunburn is almost impossible.  Here are some simple tips and methods to avoiding getting sunburn yet still maintaining your Vitamin D levels.

We have all either heard or said it ourselves at some point ‘But having a natural Tan makes me look healthier’.  But do you know what a ‘tan’ really is?  

Beauty comes from within!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I am a big believer in looking after your skin and using good skin care, that is something that I strongly believe in for many reasons.  People spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, hair and accessories but sometimes they forget about their skin.  I don't understand this because to me your skin is for life.  You can always buy new accessories and clothes but you can't buy new skin.  (well you can pay for surgery, injection's etc... but who can afford this).  So in my opinion skin care is the most important part of looking after yourself.  Skin care necessities: