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Skin Care Information and Advice

How to maintain your Vitamin D levels safely

Friday, January 10, 2014

Summer is well and truly here; and so are the sleepless nights. Trying to sleep while it’s still 27◦c and you have serve sunburn is almost impossible.  Here are some simple tips and methods to avoiding getting sunburn yet still maintaining your Vitamin D levels.

We have all either heard or said it ourselves at some point ‘But having a natural Tan makes me look healthier’.  But do you know what a ‘tan’ really is?  

Teenage Acne Treatment

Monday, July 01, 2013

Every day I wake up and there is a new pimple, no one really understands how much I hate it.  I don’t feel comfortable talking to people because I know they are looking straight at them.…………I want to cover it up and not go anywhere.  What can I do?........, I have to get rid of them.