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Teenage Acne Treatment

Julianne Gardiner - Monday, July 01, 2013

Every day I wake up and there is a new pimple, no one really understands how much I hate it.  I don’t feel comfortable talking to people because I know they are looking straight at them.…………I want to cover it up and not go anywhere.  What can I do?........, I have to get rid of them.

This is how I felt when I was a teenager suffering from acne…………..ACNE VULGARUS -   it is the name for acne that begins at puberty with hormones.

This acne occurs due to the increased androgen hormones in your teenage years.  As a result of these extra hormones there is increased oil and keratin which block the pore like a plug.
These plugs (blackheads and lumps) then cause and eruption on the skin or under the skin which cause inflammation and bacteria.

These pimples can cause scarring and brown marks if they are present for  too long or picked too much.

These breakouts cause stress to teenagers which then the stress makes the acne worse.  ‘stress causes increased acne severity’ National Institute of Health.

What I can do.

Well, you can help your skin by looking after it which will heal it quicker and  prevent some pimples occuring to avoid scarring.

Pimple bacteria are anaerobic which means it can’t survive with oxygen.  So by cleaning and exfoliating the dead skin this will help oxygen reach the pore to prevent some of the surface bacteria.

But you must be careful not to over cleanse and over exfoliate because this will strip the skin and the skin will produce more oil and cause more pimples.


1. Cleanse thoroughly morning and night with cleansers that clean thoroughly but don’t strip the skin. Try Clearglo Light Cream Cleanser

2. Exfoliate with a small amount of bicarb soda and water 2-3 times per week or  you can try Microdermabrasion glopaste 1 -2 times per week. (avoid cheek area) and don’t overuse this product.

3.     Use a moisturiser that has mild exfoliation properties to remove dead cell build up. Matte Mineral Moisturiser has healing aloevera and oats and mild acids to exfoliate the skin

4.    A diet with a high glycemic load will worsen acid.  Chocolate will worsen glycemic intake.

5.    A facial with ozone steam and high frequency will help heal pimples


A deep infection caused by a deep, massive invasion of white blood cells.  They are very pustular and very large (Dermatologist would treat this condition). There are drugs like Roacutane for severe acne but these has many unsafe side effects.

If you have very deep cysts and over 12 large cyst type pimples you may need to go on antibiotics to prevent deep scarring.

This should be a last resort because the drugs can cause side effects like depression and sun sensitive etc….. so it is only recommended for cystic acid or acne that is already causing severe depression.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know what you think!